Jon Hamm Constructs an All-Time St. Louis Blues Lineup [BLUES]


Jon Hamm seems to be just about everywhere these days.  Television, print, web, everywhere.

Add “weird internet interview that was supposed to feature chatter about his new film…but instead asked him about his dream hockey lineup” to the list.

Truth be told, we’re glad it shook out accordingly.  Jon Hamm was born in the Gateway City and is a royal honk for all things St. Louis sports.  To wit: in the video below, he drops some absolutely tremendous St. Louis hockey references.

Most notably: Harold Snepsts mustache.

As seen above, Hamm is asked to name his “All-Time St. Louis Blues Hockey Line”.

His picks:

Mike Liut (G)
Craig Janney ( C)
Brett Hull (RW)
Shanny (LW)
Al MacInnis (D)
Harold Snepsts (D)

Some interesting decisions – especially when he originally picks Bernie Federko for his “team” and then overrides his roster spot for Craig Janney.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Janney…but he played three seasons with the Blues and if you’re going to override Federko, you have to go with Adam Oates.  Or, if he wanted to stay obscure, Bob Bassen.

Oh well.  I can’t hate.  Every week, I look for a reason to hate Jon Hamm and it’s just freaking impossible.  On top of being extremely talented, personable and getting to stare at Christina Hendricks all day, he has an affinity for mustaches.

“You can’t deny the power of Harold Snepsts’ mustache.”

I love you, Jon Hamm.

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