This is quite possibly the ugliest St. Louis sports jersey we have ever seen


It’s rare that you can point to something and be confident labeling it as “the ugliest” of all-time. This past month, our fan hunters may have located the ugliest St. Louis sports jersey of all-time.

Sure, the label is inherently clich√©, but our fan hunters have tremendous perspective. They’re like jersey anthropologists. They’re doing it for fun and intellect. And they sure as hell don’t throw around titles and mandates carelessly.

Now, let’s get into this. This jersey has been labeled historically repugnant because it satisfies what we’re identifying as “The Triple Crown of Ugliness.”

1.) Quite simply, any St. Louis Blues jersey from ’95-’98 should be burned and its ashes should be tossed in the Mississippi River. They were atrocious and only made sense if Ronald McDonald bought the franchise. Even then, they would rank in the Top Five of the NHL’s ugliest jerseys of all-time.

2.) As if the aforementioned wasn’t bad enough, this gentleman decided to order off-menu and get a blacked out version.

3.) The “GRISWOLD #00” jersey worn by Clark W. Griswold in “Christmas Vacation” is quite possibly the greatest piece of movie sports memorabilia ever. But it’s a Chicago Blackhawks jersey. Leave it up to a Blues fan to find every possible reason to be jealous of a Blackhawks fan.

So, like we said.

The ugliest. Ever.



  • no thats not ugly ..its art..its colourful..its..its..
    no your right its ugly.. no its realy ugly

  • Jason says:

    Awful. Just awful.

  • J says:

    A short sleeved hockey jersey?

  • Griswold says:

    I am the proud owner of the “Ugliest St. Louis Sports Jersey of all Time”! I agree the design is the worst Blues sweater, but being black gives it the distinction of never being worn on the ice by the club. It was going to be the third jersey for the franchise, but the players went on strike before it could be worn. I bought that jersey before they struck, from a buddy of mine, who worked at the Foot Locker at Union Station to help build his sales.

    Putting Griswold and 00 on the back was my idea, but I didn’t have it done. I thought it would be funny to pay tribute to Christmas Vacation. It had nothing to do with the dreaded Blackhawks, Clark could have sported a Rangers or Kings. It was about the movie, not the hated rival. So if I didn’t get the stitching done, who did?

    Back in the ’90′s I managed the Oakville Subway and I mentioned to employees (I know who they are) that, it would be amusing to have Griswold and 00 put on the back of a Blues jersey. My employees devised a scheme, to steal the article of clothing and have it embroidered without me noticing the theft. My birthday occurs during the hockey season, so their plot required advance planning.

    Despite and maybe well deserving distinction of “Ugliest St. Louis Sports Jersey of All Time!” I will continue to sport this iconic sweater proudly because it represents the mutual admiration and respect, that existed between my employees and me!



    P.S. Really! You thought it was a short sleeve jersey! Ever heard of people pushing up their sleeves because it is warm!

  • Griswold says:

    Oh yeah! I forgot to mention that when I bought the Jersey, I got a free bowl of soup!

  • cory spitznagel says:

    Us Blues fans jealous of the Shithawks? hardly my man. they have been a team since 1926, the Blues, since 1967, so the 41 year head start had a ton to do with the majority of their cups won… give us 41 more years and we will give you more than just 5 cups, which has taken them 87 years to accrue, double the time the Blues have even been around.

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