When a Blues Shrine Goes Obscure


Say you’re the franchisee of a local chain restaurant based in Suburbia, St. Louis where chain restaurants are considered delicacies. To blend in with the community, you’re encouraged to throw onto the walls some sports-themed memorabilia and let diners know that this is your neighborhood too.

You score a sweet wall-mounted trophy case shaped like the Blues logo that is begging for some game-used attire to be stuffed inside. What Blues legend will you add to the wall of fame? There’s always Hull, Federko, MacInnis, but those have been done. You’re taking this a different route, one that screams to patrons that this joint is as passionate about its hockey past as it is to sizzling steak and shrimp platters.

Win a few eBay auctions, snag some goodies at the local memorabilia shop and suddenly you’ve got yourself a shrine to a Blues icon that no other spot in town can match. And for well under budget too.

Then one day a Blues fan walks in and points out what you might have overlooked…you’ve got the wrong Sutter brother

Ron Sutter? Sure he was a solid NHL player, but he spent only 160 games, roughly 15% of his career, as a Blue. He came to town with Murray Baron and three years later was shipped out in return for Steve Duschesne and Denis Chasse.  Richie Sutter logged more time here.

Brian Sutter makes sense. Played here for a decade, coached here for four years, wore the “C”, has his #11 sweater in the rafters at Scottrade.

But Ron? If you took the name off the back of his jersey and based it on his career numbers in St. Louis, it’s the equivalent of dedicating an entire wall in a restaurant to Phillipe Bozon or commissioning a mural of Tony Hrkac.

Hey, the goal was just to create some atmosphere in there. For local sports fans, you succeeded in giving them their own man cave…if their man cave sold mediocre food, had endless commercials on TV promoting it and shrines to Ron Sutter on the wall.


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