5 Reasons Why Kurt Warner Joined Dancing With the Stars


Last night sports fans had an excuse to watch part of Dancing with the Stars again as Rams legend Kurt Warner took the stage to perform…some dance that I’ve never heard of.

The real question is, why did Warner retire from the NFL when he was seemingly in top form and then proceed to join the cast of a dancing show?

We have five theories as to why…

Theory #1 – Since 1999, he has been creating a more formal version of the Bob & Weave touchdown dance that he will unveil with his partner Anna Trebunskaya if given an opportunity.

Theory #2 – He could not turn down the offer once he heard that accepting it meant he would get to meet and hang out with “The Situation” from Jersey Shore.

Theory #3 – At his request, wife Brenda agreed that, if Kurt joined the cast and won, she would shave her hair into the old buzz cut again.

Theory #4 – After he retired from the NFL, Kurt took a job working nights at a dance school in northern Iowa and realized winning Dancing with the Stars would be a perfect way to complete this new fairy tale.

Theory #5 – Because dancing is really what makes Dick Vermeil get emotional.

Perhaps more than any other reason, Warner just knew it was a talent he possessed after he did a slow dance with Albert one night.


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