Cardinals/Rams Contributions to Worst 100 NFL Players


If someone is ranking the 100 worst players in NFL history, you would have to assume that St. Louis would be well represented.  Between the Cardinals and the Rams, our town has been subject to some lengthy stretches of historically bad football, the most recent being the past three years. 

When SI columnist Jeff Pearlman put together a comprehensive list of his worst 100 for last month, he judged based on this description of the “criteria”…

You had to have been a very bad NFL player. That alone, however, is too easy. Here, not only do the candidates have to be bad; they have to be bad and of consequence. A high draft pick who flopped miserably. A starting cornerback who was regularly abused by opposing quarterbacks. A backup signal caller who was asked to save his team but could barely complete a forward pass…”

You get the idea. 

As we might have dreamed, our time with the Cardinals and the pre-Vermeil Rams did not disappoint, snagging six of the Top 100, including the coveted top slot.  They may not have all solely played in St. Louis, but they did enough to make an impact.  It’s just they type of impact that makes them memorable…







The criteria is a bit inconsistent as some picks are based on being draft busts and some crappy back-ups, but it still has to make you proud to see that #1 played the majority of his career right where he belonged, with the St. Louis Cardinals. 

Refresh this list in a few more years and I have a feeling Alex Barron might make the cut.

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