March 2010: St. Louis dogs do not like Michael Vick.


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March 2010

In St. Louis, the annual Soulard Mardi Gras Pet Parade is always enjoyable because its nice to spend a day in society with the pooch.  But above all else, it provides a window into humility.

No matter how deep your K9 obsession runs, you can always find someone a little crazier at the Soulard Mardi Gras Pet Parade, and we all need a little of that.  Case in point, here.

Of course, the Mardi Gras parade in early March was also during the football off-season and a time when the Rams were flirting with the idea of signing Michael Vick.  One man and his four-legged friend made it known that ‘dey weren’t down with ‘dat.

Most people thought it was insane at the time, and they were right.  But the pooch-torturing Vick has gone on to have quite a season.  So has Sam Bradford, so everything worked out well.

But man, can you imagine Michael Vick on the Rams *and* Ndamukong Suh on defense?  Sheesh.

And more importantly, can you imagine the stir Vick would have caused with Tony La Russa?  Even better.

And let’s not forgot those outrageous “Donovan McNabb to St. Louis trade” rumors that developed around this same time and were effectively fabricated by ESPN so their opinionated analysts with no creativity could forcefully talk about how McNabb has been disrespected his entire career because he’s black.  Very original.


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