VIDEO: St. Louis “Ram Rules” (Round Two)


For most fans, Week One of the NFL season is one of the most anticipated events on the sports calendar. It’s scattered with renewed optimism, increased weekend intoxication, fresh tubes of body paint, new tailgating recipes, and the home team explaining how to cheer.

Wait, what?

Admittedly, St. Louis isn’t like a lot of other cities. We like provel cheese, Budweiser, and jean shorts a little too much. And sure, we like football, but baseball is kinda our thing. In fact, we’re kinda the best baseball fans on the planet. Check that, universe. We can all but guarantee other galaxies don’t appreciate scrappy, white infielders like we do in the Gateway to the West.

All that said, we require a little assistance cheering on our gridiron heroes. Thankfully, the Rams provided some assistance in Week One – in the form of a video tutorial explaining how, why and when to cheer during football games. Extremely helpful. But we believe that they omitted a few “rules”.

That’s why we present rules 6-10.

Starring: Matt Sebek (via), Josh Bacott (via), Chris Files (via), Mike Flynn (via), and one of the ladies from the original video (she thinks we’re a little off our rocker).

Special thanks: watermelon.

Ram Rules (Round Two)

The Original Ram Rules video


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