When Rams Website Typos Take on Another Meaning


Editing isn’t fun.  And if, heaven forbid, you happen to be working without the red squiggly line that lets you know when you’ve bungled the spelling of a word, you’re bound to make a few mistakes. It’s like jumping out of a plane without a parachute or walking through downtown St. Louis without a can of mace.

Some of them are ignored as a simple typo by your audience. Others inevitably make readers giggle like a teenager. When the St. Louis Rams laid out their schedule on the team website there was a little sampling of both.

Typo #1:  In the description of Week 2′s pregame entertainment, the Meramec Choir is misspelled as “Meremac”.  Just a simple transposing of an ‘e’ and an ‘a’.  No biggie.  Even people who go to Meramec Community College probably aren’t sure how to spell it.

It’s Typo #2 where things start to go awry:

For a moment, we questioned whether we were missing an underground joke about how James Laurinaitis’ head looks like a supple breast.  It didn’t pass the sniff test.  The interns filling out the team schedule details don’t want a guy with traps like Laurinaitis’ hunting them down at Rams Park.

Was the team giving away 10,000 plastic statues of a shirtless Laurinaitis? Were his pecs bobbling instead of his head? Did the Rams cheerleaders stroll by when this was being written and cause a classic Freudian slip?

Frankly we have no idea.  Just know that when a typo includes the word “boob” by mistake, we’re still immature enough to chuckle.


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