Stan Kroenke Has HUGE Tracts of Land

No, really.  Kroenke purchased a huge tract of land in L.A. last month (actually a 60-acre parking lot, but yeah).  The NFL wants a team back in Los Angeles.  Kroenke and the Rams want a new stadium, and the lease at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis expires after the 2014 season.  Hmmm…

This potential skullduggery could be all about leverage or at least the perception of leverage.  Kroenke owns other huge tracts of land in Southern California, and the location might be an advantageous one for other development purposes.  Then again, Walt Disney laid the groundwork for building Walt Disney World by quietly purchasing some swampland in Florida.

While the thought of Stan Kroenke’s Rams World in L.A. seems appalling, at least it won’t have the old Chrysler plant in Fenton as the backdrop.

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