Manager Candy Monday Showdown

In an unexpected and rather transparent gambit to dethrone Mike Matheny as the undisputed king of #MCM (Manager Candy Monday), the Detroit Tigers have hired Brad Ausmus as the team’s next manager. Well played, Tigers, but as Ric Flair famously said “To be the man, you must beat the man.”  While both men are certainly easy on the cleat chasing eyes, there can be only one #MCM champ.

The challenger: – Bradley David Ausmus, age 44, 5’11”, and 200 pounds.  Played 18 seasons as a big league catcher, won 3 Gold Glove awards, and has a distinguished and confident aura.

The champion:  Michael Scott Matheny – age 43, 6’3″ tall, and 210 pounds.  Played 13 seasons as a catcher, won 4 Gold Glove awards, and has that LL Bean model hair and swoon factor going for him.


Matheny looks like the handsome dentist that has ladies flossing every day and twice on Sundays.  Ausmus looks like someone who just tried pitching a tent on a beach while filming a Cialis commercial.  When it comes to the 162-game grind, which would you rather have calling plays from your dugout?