Aw, Pittsburgh fans are cute.

Back in February, a youngster made his way down to Cardinals Spring Training in Jupiter, Florida.

His name was Michael Wacha.  Those stat heads familiar to the situation talked about his potential as a Major League pitcher.  At JoeSportsFan, we talked about his last name which sound familiar to Fozzie Bear’s infamous “Wocka Wocka” catchphrase.  Hey, we all have our place in this industry.

To celebrate this relation, we produced the graphic below back in February.



The graphic sat dormant for some time, especially since Michael Wacha made his way up and down from the Memphis Redbirds this season.

As Wacha reappeared in Game 4 of the NLDS in Pittsburgh, the graphic also made its resurgence.



That’s a “WACHA WACHA” sign held by a Pittsburgh Pirates fan, allegedly as a insult.


But hey, these people are new to this whole “playoff” thing.