Yasiel Puig plays baseball with 50 kids in Dodger Stadium

In our new endeavors over at RookiesApp.com, we’ve gotten to know the owners of fabulous Los Angeles Pizza Company, who are starting to distribute their venue’s information on custom-printed baseball cards.  It’s just about the best thing ever – especially for a venue that is a short walk away from Dodger Stadium in Chavez Ravine.

Owner Oscar Arce is intimately involved in the surrounding Northeast Los Angeles Little League.  Also involved due to proximity and interest: Dodger phenom Yasiel Puig.

Cardinals fans got to know, love and loathe Puig during the NLCS this fall.  Say what you will about Puig’s on-the-field antics (we’ve said plenty), but by all accounts, he’s an affable dude that is passionately involved in the Los Angeles community.  On Monday afternoon, he showed this off by inviting Oscar Arce and a few of his teams (approximately 50 kids) into Dodger Stadium for a rare round of batting practice on the field.

Arce tells us that the entire event lasted over two hours and sent us the photos below.

Following an organized scrimmage game that featured pitching, the kids were all given Dodger hats and shirts.  Puig then invited all of the kids (and family members) into the Dugout and into the Dodger clubhouse and batting cages.  Waiting in the clubhouse was a full dinner spread of Dodger Dogs and all the fixings.  Puig sat, ate and laughed with the kids.