We Brought A ZOU

The format of the Mizzou chant eerily resembles that of a knock-knock joke.  One large group yells “M-I-Z”.  Another large group responds with “Z-O-U”.  This complex cycle of human interaction usually continues until someone passes out from oxygen deficiency or sees something shiny.

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Missouri is nothing if not loyal.

ESPN’s SportsNation released a digital survey yesterday that asked a very simple question.

“Which team will win the SEC Championship game in Atlanta: Auburn or Missouri?”

Given that the teams have similar 11-1 records and both are coming off an impressive finish this season, an outside observer would likely guess that this question is a toss-up with potential favoritism leaning towards Auburn since they knocked off Alabama this past Saturday.

Alas, that’s not how it worked out.


Aw, good ole Missouri.

Even Alaska isn’t convinced of Gary Pinkel’s squad, but the bigger story is that they have the internet up there.  Who knew?

We sifted through our archives and discovered that this isn’t the first time the state of Missouri remaining staunchly loyal in their online polling and if history is any indicator, the SEC Championship game should end well for citizens of the Show Me State.