Rams’ Michael Sam Changing America’s Tune On Discrimination

As a person of Mustached American descent, I have lived a lifetime under a veil of scorn and disdain that continues to target the rugged good looks and laser cocksmanship that typifies the Mustached American experience. mens_vneck_tshirt

Indeed, even today in what is purportedly a more enlightened America, being a minority is in now way easy.

Enter the St. Louis Rams little-known seventh round draft pick out of Missouri. You may be familiar with him. He was the Southeastern Conference’s Co-Defensive Player of the Year.  His name is Michael Sam.

Oh, and as an aside, a little-known fact about Sam besides having a first name for both his first and last name: He is gay.

No, not happy “gay” like the silent film stars of the silver screen in the roaring ’20s. He’s gay “gay.”

Yes, God forbid. A man who likes other men!

Of course, a variety of reactions rolled in after Sam was drafted and seen kissing his boyfriend on camera as the two celebrated one man’s life dream of being drafted into the National Football League. While most were supportive, some could be heard moaning in the rafters. Notably, a foolish strong safety for the Miami Dolphins, Don Jones, scoffed via Twitter after the pick was made and has since been fined and suspended by his employer. Then former Super Bowl champion Derrick Ward was kind enough to tweet, “I’m sorry but that Michael Sam is no bueno for doing that on national tv….Man U got little kids lookin at the draft. I can’t believe ESPN even allowed that to happen.”

This just in: “no bueno” is not proper Spanish.

Fortunately, however, unlike the way the bigoted clean-shaven masses treated the Mustached American community in the 1980s — publicly shaming our people and forcing us to defecate in Port A Pottys marked “Mustache” — for the most part Sam is being broadly embraced, with the only concern now being that his attention will be too divided to effectively focus on football.

To wit, CafePress is selling apparel reading “Sam I Am. I Am A Ram;” his NFL jerseys are second in sales amongst rookies to only the ass-clown Johnny Manziel; and Opera Winfrey’s worthless television network has even announced they will produce a reality television show about Sam’s hopeful journey into the league.

Is America changing? Will this nation continue to embrace those who have faced discrimination in the past? If Michael Sam is any indication, we can only assume the answer is a resounding “yes” and that American culture is changing its tune of discrimination.

Redskins Marketers One-Up Rams With Saucy Cheerleaders #SELFIE

The St. Louis Rams have been very generous this offseason by offering $100,000 to any fan who could correctly guess the entirety of the team’s 2014 schedule. A tip of the hat indeed to Rams Chief Marketing Officer Brian Killingsworth for the promotion, as well as for his impressive biceps and tight buttocks.

However, the St. Louis football club’s marketing fervor has now been eclipsed by the Washington Redskins in a fit of sexual dynamism that has made us stand and applaud in the JoeSportsFan tower in beautiful downtown Farmington.

Awhile back you may have seen the ridiculous “SELFIE” video by The Chainsmokers, which in essence was a parody with super hot chicks and d-bags taking selfies. That was all well and good, but now the Washington Redskins cheerleaders — or @1stLadiesOfFB as they are known on Twitter — are spoofing #SELFIE and we can’t help but enjoy this one just as much. Once again, super hot chicks again, and ridiculous – purposefully.

Betting tips for the NFL season: are the Patriots worth a gamble?

Already the speculation and betting have started concerning the new NFL season – despite the fact that it is several months yet until the season actually gets started. Of course the draft is set for the end of April and that will give a clearer idea of the strengths and weaknesses of the teams ahead of the new season, but at the moment the New England Patriots have been installed as one of the real favourites for both the AFC conference pennant and for the Super Bowl – so are they worth a futures bet for either of these?

Well it might be advisable to wait at least until after the draft before committing yourself to them, but the Patriots are expected to come out of this with their odds of 3/1 for the AFC and 8/1 for the Super Bowl largely unchanged. They certainly have money to spend, and areas of their team which need improvement if they are to live up to these odds, with reinforcements in defence and the offensive playmaking positions particularly urgent. The reason why you might want to wait until after the draft before deciding whether to bet on them is that they won’t have their first choice picks in the draft, thanks to some trades going against them, so the smart tip would be to wait and see if they get the quality they need in those positions.

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