JSF Show, Episode One: The One with Pat Jablonski (and David Freese)


After months of careful planning, dozens of sleepless nights on the couch in mom’s basement, and hundreds of bags of Cool Ranch Doritos crushed, Episode 1 of The JoeSportsFan Show is finally ready to tickle your ear drums.

Once again, we send a virtual bro-hug to our 100+ supporters on Kickstarter who helped bring this cornucopia of audio magic to life.  Now it’s time for us to go to work.

Every Friday, you can find our weekly episode here, along with a handy listener’s guide that will document the odds and ends collected during that week’s episode.  Without further ado, we present the first installment.

Special Guest: David Freese

Random yet contextual show references: Matt Turk, Lubos Bartecko, Jimmy “SuperFly” Snuka, Contra cheat code and Esteban Yan’s sweat.

Links Mentioned in Episode One:
The Least Creative Hockey Jersey Ever? (link)
David Freese Gets a GQ Make-over (link)
Rex Hudler as Royals “Lead Analyst” (link)
Rams Take a Stand Against Bullying (link)

How get the Show:
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Twitter: @JoeSportsFan
E-mail: theshow@joesportsfan.com

Special Thanks to:
ChaCha Chow
Mike Judy

Listen now:



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