JSF21: The One with Tito Landrum (and Clay Travis)


No offense to the fine people that reside in St. Louis but, as fanatical as we can be from time to time about our professional sports franchises, our community has a long way to go before we compare to college football fans residing in SEC territory.

These are the people who do not hesitate to toss a Tebow jersey on a giant stuffed alligator and sell it for $10,000.  People who have no hesitation in getting their team name branded on their leg with a coat hanger while strapped to a beer pong table.

Tomorrow Mizzou formally enters the cauldron that is SEC football and we figured there was no better guest to prepare us for what Tiger fans may encounter than the man behind OutkicktheCoverage.com, and author of bestseller Dixieland Delight, Clay Travis.

Toss in his rocky history with Rams coach Jeff Fisher and this week’s guest had all kinds of tidbits to tickle your ears…

Featured Guests: Clay Travis from OutkickTheCoverage.com

Random, yet contextual, St. Louis sports references: Tino Martinez, Jon Jay, Allen Craig, JD Drew, Jason Marquis, Doug Gilmore, Lawrence Phillips, Jeff Brown, Matt Holliday bookmarks, Mike Laga and Tommy Herr.

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