Can you connect José Oquendo to Topanga in six degrees or less?


Every few weeks on The JoeSportsFan Show, we play a little game called “The Six Degrees of José Oquendo”.

Basically, it works like this: you’re provided a random person from yore and you have six steps to connect that subject to José Oquendo.  We’re told that the infamous “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” was a derivative of this game, although we cannot verify the validity of that rumor.  Oquendo spent ten years as a player for the St. Louis Cardinals and is now serving his 15th year as a member of the coaching staff.  His connection are both wide and distinguished; sort of like his positional versatility.

So, here goes.

Can you connect José Oquendo to Topanga from “Boy Meets World”?

It was a grueling process, but we succeeded in Episode 15 of this week’s show.

We got there in the following manner.   Can you get there in less steps?

Topanga stared in “Boy Meets World” with Ben Savage…

…who is the brother of Fred Savage…

…who made in cameo in “Austin Powers: Goldmember” with Mike Myers…

…who was a cast member on “Saturday Night Live” in 1992, with an episode hosted by Jerry Seinfeld…

…who stared on “Seinfeld” with Keith Hernandez…

…who played on the New York Mets in ’83 and ’84 with Jose Oquendo.




  • James in Wichita says:

    Nicely done- although you can cut this down a “degree” by removing Mike Myers and Seinfeld and replacing them with Michael Richards. Fred Savage himself had a cameo on Seinfeld (“The Trip” from season 4). The scene features Kramer, who of course had a run in with “pretty boy” Keith Hernandez in season 3.

  • Dan in O'Fallon says:

    You could also take the route of 1. Ben Savage to 2. Fred Savage who was on Wonder Years with 3. Daniel Stern who was in Rookie of the Year with a cameo from 4. Pedro Guerrero who was teammates with Jose Oquendo from 1988 to 1992.

    Pedro should be your path all of the time. Guerrero was in Rookie of the year with Thomas Ian Nicholas, Daniel Stern, John Candy, Bruce Altman, Daniel Hedaya, and the legend Gary Busey.

  • Will Trendle says:

    I got Topanga Lawrence to Jim Abbott who guest starred on an episode of Boy Meets World. Jim Abbott was teammates with Jim Edmonds in 1995 for the California Angels. Jim Edmonds was coached by Jose Oquendo. So what is that? 2 degrees?

  • Matt Sebek says:

    I would like to make love to both of you. Very nicely done.

  • Heath Borders says:

    Nice try, Will Trendle.

    Abbott left the Angels in 1993.

    This is the winner:

    Topanga > Jim Abbott > Fernando Vina > Jose Oqendo.

  • Jason McAdams says:

    I don’t know what’s more devastating; that I don’t play this game every day, or that Jose Oquendo was a Met. That’s like finding out that Bo Hart was a first round draft choice.

  • Will Trendle says:

    Heath, he went back to the Angels in 1995

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