JoeSportsFan Wins RFT’s “Best Sport Blog” of 2010


2010′s Best St. Louis Sports Blog.

That’s a pretty hefty title, but it was presented to JoeSportsFan late Tuesday night by The Riverfront Times as part of their “2011 St. Louis Web Awards”.  You can read about it online and in this week’s print edition, which hits newsstands on Thursday morning.

We’re extremely grateful for the honor (+1 cliché acceptance speech points), primarily because we were positioned amongst a truly enviable group of finalists (+3 cliché acceptance speech points).  Viva El Birdos and Frozen Notes have been two of our favorite local Cardinals and Blues blogs, respectively, for years and we were tickled to be considered in their company (+5 cliché acceptance speech points).

In all seriousness, we love those guys and you should be reading them daily (in addition to us, of course) if you’re not already.  We’re extremely appreciate of this honor and have a number of people and things to formally thank for this honor.  We couldn’t have done it without you.

1.- The Esteemed RFT voting panel (link)
2.- Rene Knott (link)
3.- Redneck Cardinals fans (link)
4.- Colby Rasmus’ sunglasses (link)
5.- Bernie Federko high-fives (link)
6.- Dennys Reyes (link)
7.- Mike Bush (link)
8.- Davis Payne’s forehead scraps (link)
9.- Willie McGee (link)
10.- Mom’s Basement (link)


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