The new Vinson Mortgage Olympic Games commercial


Ray Vinson has always held a fascination with local sports stars.  First, it was Bernie Federko.  Next, it was Tony La Russa.  And then Bernie Federko again.  The last Vinson Mortgage commercial debuted on February 5th during Super Bowl XLVI and featured Albert Pujols.  Okay, fine.  That was probably some roided out hooligan wearing a Pujols jersey that the casting director found at Gold’s Gym.

One thing is certain: we’ve waited a long time for something new in the Vinson portfolio.  We attempted to hold you over by having Mr. Vinson on Episode Four of our podcast to chat about his portfolio of production excellence, but it just wasn’t the same.  The public demands more Vinson commercials.

Today, that prayer is answered through our exclusive preview of Vinson’s new commercial that will air on KSDK throughout the Olympic Games.  That’s right.  Exclusive.  Everyone has their place in this industry; ours in (apparently) being fed Ray Vinson commercials before they air.  We’re okay with that.

Nice to see Jackie Joyner-Kersee hop aboard the Vinson ship.  Vinson himself alluded to a commercial with “another local star” in the works on our podcast back in April; we suppose this was the one.  That means that this has been in production for over three months.

You think Don Brown, Ted Drewes or Becky Queen of Carpets took three months to prep and produce their commercials?

Not likely.

Those chumps are probably using Windows Movie Maker.  Vinson is soooo an iMovie type of a guy.  Did you see those lens flares and bottom-third text placement?  They were immaculate.

And what’s with JJK’s cold stare off into the distance?  Obviously, this was green-screened and combined with Ray Vinson’s appearance, but we’re not even going to pretend that they’re standing in the same room?  If that’s the case, Vinson should really start to get nutty with his celebrity “cameos”.

Oh, this is tailor-made for a snappy tagline.

“No more upper tier interest rates.  Shoot your hotdog into monthly savings today!”

“You current interest rates are fowl.  Refinance with Vinson Mortgage now!”




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