What Words Are Dan Caesar’s Favorites?


As most know, Dan Caesar of the Post-Dispatch is essentially the Ryan Seacrest of the St. Louis sports media.  They’re both strapping young bucks and both earn their keep by documenting the what’s what and the who’s who.  If Dan Caesar is not actively mentioning you and/or your network affiliate, you’re probably not very important.  Fact.

And because we’re extremely enamored with useless statistics, we decided to see what keywords over the past 45 days sit atop Dan Caesar’s hierarchy.

As you can see, the FOX family is kicking some serious tail.  Sure, it could be because every local sports franchise is impervious to their wrath…but we’re guessing Caesar is locking in on the late-season FOX/FSN mentions with the hopes of getting invited to Thanksgiving dinner at Joe Buck’s house.


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