When “sports reporting” becomes “stalking”…


In this industry, the line between “reporter” and “stalker” is very thin.  It may have been crossed this weekend as the local media tried mightily to break a Rams story before the regular cast of national pundits.

The most egregious offender was the unintentionally hilarious Tony Softli, who currently works as an NFL analyst for 101 ESPN.  Softli spent some time on the other side of the rope as the Rams “VP of Player Personnel” from June 2006 – May 2010 and is an eligible answer on trivia answer sheets when asked, “Who is responsible for the current list of bums on the Rams roster?”

Like most sports analysts and reporters these days, Mr. Softli likes to use Twitter.  He’s a must-follow, if you enjoy reading regurgitated news from ESPN and decoding misspelled information about Sam Bradford’s ankle.  Anyway, he took to Twitter this weekend, in an attempt to break news about the Rams and head coach candidate Jeff Fisher.

Since decisions regarding contracts and new head coaches are kept purposely-private from the media, reporters are left to their own devices.  Namely, creeping around team facilities in an attempt to decipher information.  Any information.  Needless to say, things got a little creepy.

Our sources tell us that Softli was camped out with a sniper rifle, a pair of binoculars and bag of Cheetos.

Okay, fine.  That’s not entirely true.  But 33% of it is.



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