Uncle Sammy Wants You To Be His Pinterest Pal

Longtime Cubs slugger Sammy Sosa has gone from corking his bat…to virtual corkboards, as evidenced by his Pinterest account, which is rapidly becoming an online sensation.

Like many sluggers of his era, Sosa is attempting to rehab his steroid-tainted image, and apparently this was the next best thing to becoming someone’s major league hitting coach.

Now, the vast majority of you gentlemen out there are probably thinking, “What is this Pinterest I keep hearing about from women and self-aggrandizing social media gurus?”

Please allow me explain. Pinterest is actually just a web site. A web site you’ll think is really stupid. Now that you’re up to speed on what Pinterest is, back to Sosa.

The best part about Sosa’s Pinterest page is that most of its visitors are using it solely as an opportunity to rip on him. Of course, when it’s loaded with images of Sosa posing “naturally” like this one, how can you not?


Approximately 90 percent of Sammy’s “pins” feature him in a pukey mustard sweater, resulting in comments ranging from wondering if he’s now a real estate agent to questioning his manhood.


I especially like the “Whaddya say you and me polish my desk?” remark. Perhaps Sammy’s former Cub teammate, Moises Alou, can help with that.

Some of the rest of the highlights include shots at Sosa’s Ken doll-esque hairdo:


And visits from infamous serial killers like the Son of Sam (oh, the irony):


And of course, the obligatory comments on performance enhancing drugs.


Sosa’s association with steroids isn’t the only thing that’s damaged his image though. Apparently, he’s also a few dozen molested kids and nose jobs shy of being confused with the King of Pop.


Yes, this is the real Sammy Sosa. And this is his Pinterest.

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